Our Story

FORTFRIO started its activities on July 25 of 2001 in the city of Betim (MG), with an initial production capacity of 20 units per month. A few months later, it started to establish itself in the national market due to its technology, design, practicality, expanding to international markets.

We started selling equipment for small ice cream parlors, expanding sales and partners in the states of São Paulo and Pará. In 2008, we managed to serve all states of the brazilian territory with our equipment and accessories, strengthening several companies.


Atualmente a FORTFRIO opera tanto no mercado interno cobrindo todos os estados do Brasil, bem como em todos os países da América do Norte e Sul, África, Europa e Oceania – alguns com distribuidores exclusivos. Para incluir-se mundialmente no mercado internacional a FORTFRIO investiu em certificações seguindo as diretrizes, políticas e regras da conformidade CE (Comunidade Européia) e permitindo a livre comercialização de equipamentos nestes países.

Curiosities and Differentials

The company strongly expanded the brand, reaffirming the extreme quality of the products in ice cream parlors specially. However, FORTFRIO participate in other industrial sectors such as bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, mostly convering small and medium-sized companies.

In 2016, the company exceeded 14,000 units manufactured and distributed throughout Brazil and also abroad through our official distributor's network, playing an important key role and building a path of success, trust between partners, encouraging FORTFRIO to always keep innovating .

FORTFRIO has more than 35 direct employees who work and develop our technology, innovation, creativity and own style, always valuing and expanding our history. Our new facility is managed by qualified professionals in all sectors, providing better working conditions and safety to everyone.

Know-How of 20 years in the market

Certified Company CE

Own Technical Assistance

Qualified employees

FORTFRIO regularly exhibits at various fairs and national events throughout Brazil (Recife and São Paulo and Belo-Horizonte) and also internationally (Italy, United States, Mexico, Germany, France and Argentina) participating annually in Italy (SIGEP) and in the United States (NRA) since 2008. Some fairs are held in conjunction with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX-Brasil).


We always seek to improve the quality of sales and after-sales in all markets. In this way, we expand our network of official international distributors who have technical knowledge of the equipment and structure, indicating the product that best fits into your business. Check out the closest one of your region.


FORTFRIO is honored to have marketed products to more than 60 countries, helping several customers to start or enhance their ice cream / popsicles business worldwide. We have a specialized and qualified team that will assist you in the entire commercial and international logistics process. FORTFRIO hires companies that serve multinationals and large companies only, offering a good supply chain management service, providing the necessary know-how to transport your cargo quickly and safely until its destiny.


FORTFRIO is found through our international distributors or representatives in Spain, Italy, the United States of America, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Panama, The Netherlands, Paraguay and Portugal (Branch). In 2020, FORTFRIO will expand to other countries around the world.

The subsidiary in Europe was born from the perception after 12 years of work and annual participation in the biggest fairs in the segment of machines and supplies for gelato in Italy and Germany since 2008. The growing numbers of sales and the need to be closer to customers to offer a better after-sales service, motivated us to open FORTFRIO's first international subsidiary in Europe.


In Europe we provide all the technical advice to set up your business, as well as training together with the great world chefs in loco, effective technical support, spare parts in immediate stock and door to door delivery service, with no bureaucracy and extra customs fees.


Following internal policy of environmental sustainability and meeting the requirements of the European Union, FORTFRIO is proud to be the one of the first companies to delivery popsicle machines throughout Europe with the new ecological gas.

We are a company with social and environmental responsibility, we value good community relations, we invest in green environmental management, we respect the government's environmental policy and we are always attentive to improvements in the production process - aiming at saving material and correct use. In order to fulfill these objectives:

  • Conservation of 1/5 of green area (around 600m²) in the factory;
  • Donation of carton and wood monthly to institutions specialized in the recycling process;
  • Collaboration with the correct and sustainable direction of leftover stainless steel, copper and other materials;
  • use of photovoltaic energy to supply part of the plant;
  • awareness of employees in the handling of non-recyclable materials.



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